Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Manitoba Homecoming 2010 !

Next year will be the 140th anniversary of Manitoba. Most years, Manitoba Day comes and goes without much notice but for at least one city or town the 140th will be pretty memorable.

Town of Winnipeg Beach

For Manitoba Homecoming 2010 communities around the province are invited to send in videos, stories and other forms of nomination for their home town (I guess sort of
Hockey Town - style) to host the official party.

Cute contest and if it gets people more interested in Manitoba Day and Manitoba history, then good on it.

St - Peirre Jolys, MB

The deadline for entries is MARCH 31st 2009 and the announcement May 12 giving the community a full year to plan the shindig !

Somerset MB Wind Farm

I see that Steinbach is pushing it on their site. Other nominees can be seen here. Just three in the running so far !??!? I can think of at least a dozen others that should be on the list !!

Glenboro Manitoba

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