Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Red River Flood Links - A Wrap

Aug 7, 2009 Manitoba Releases the following:

Overview of 2009 Spring Flooding

2009 Spring Flood Report

2009 Red River Floodway Operation Report

Press Release

As the flood threat of 2009 passes, it's time to retire the flood links off of my sidebar (though I will keep a link to this link post where all of the links will be saved - see below).

Hats off to Red River Valley volunteers on both sides of the border who gave their time helping their neighbours. Thanks to emergency personnel, whether behind a desk or on the front lines, who worked around the clock preparing for the worst, (and are still keeping a watchful eye).

When taking care of your monthly bills keep in mind the many organizations that rescued, fed and housed displaced persons and their animals over those weeks.(On this side of the border, most notably, the Red Cross, Salvation Army and local Fire / Emergency Response personnel).

Though the water may be receding, some communities and families now have to face the long rebuilding process. My thoughts are with them. It's one thing to face a crisis when media and government attention are focused on you, it's another when everyone around you goes back to their day to day lives leaving you to cope on your own.

So, here are the flood links: current as of the week of May 7 - 12, 2009.

Historic Red River Flood Links

Canadian Side
* New Rise Again Fundraising Concert
* New Rural Stress Line, Other Counselling (pdf)
* New: Ongoing Flood Realted Contact Info
CBC Manitoba Flood Watch
Winnipeg - City Flood Page
Winnipeg Free Press Floodwatch
Manitoba Interactive Flood Map
Manitoba - Provincial Flood Reports
Manitoba - EMO (Incl. Preparedness and Program links)

US Side

* New Spirit of Fargo Fund
Fargo - City Flood Page
Fargo Forum Flood Page
Grand Forks - City Flood Page
Grand Forks Herald Flood Page
Pembina ND Flood Blog

Flood Cams - MB and ND
Manitoba - Floodway Gates
Manitoba - Gimli Harbour
Winnipeg (Esplanade Riel)
Winnipeg (Forks Tower)
Winnipeg (The Leg )
Fargo FloodCam
Grand Forks FloodCam

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