Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Finally, Here's the Beef !

Keystone Processors had a media event today to celebrate the their first shipment of beef to retail outlets. I wrote about this last summer when the purchase of the old Maple Leaf hog plant on rue Marion was first announced.

Of course, there will be an even bigger event to come when the facility completes all of the necessary renovations and inspections to become Manitoba's federally inspected beef plant.

In a previous job I was working at when mad-cow struck I was a city boy that had to learn about the beef industry in a hurry. Though I don't keep that up to date anymore I have always followed the meandering path of bringing back beef slaughter / packing capacity to the province.

This is great news to see that they have come this far ! Well, not everyone is happy about the news - how typical of Manitoba ;-) !

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cherenkov said...

Good to see this development. Who's not happy about it?

mrchristian said...

It was a reference to the angry looking cattle staring at you !