Thursday, 12 March 2009

Assessing Their City - Neighbourhood By Neighbourhood

The New York Times posted a great interactive story earlier this week: the data from a 2008 survey of NYC residents about the city plotted on a neighbourhood by neighbourhood map. The presentation, entitled New Yorkers Assess Their City, is very well done both in in terms of the wide variety of information collected and appearance / interactivity.
Forget the mayor's annual address, now THAT is the 'State of the City' !

There's also an accompanying article to point out the major trends.

One slightly creepy stat that I will throw out is the top three complaints of residents in a collection of the tonier neighbourhoods (SoHo, Greenwich Village, West Village and Little Italy):

1. Street noise 2. Rats 3. Roadway maintenance

versus those in some of the poorest neighbourhoods (Morrisania, Claremont, Crotona Park East and parts of Melrose)

1. Rats 2. Street noise 3. Lack of cultural activities

Well, I guess that's an advantage for us living in a city that's just a blip surrounded by a landscape of rodent food !

One way to deal with rats in NY....


Alex Reid said...


Big ups to The New York Times (again). They also have a great tool on their web site called Represent (see my link).

Anonymous said...

As an Osborne Village resident, my neighbourhood top three would be: drug dealers, public urinators and taggers