Thursday, 19 February 2009

Winnipeg: You Go, Girlfriend ! (Part 1)

It’s funny and frustrating at the same time to check out the local forumsphere, (well, if blogosphere's a word forumshphere must be). Seems many are itching for us to jump headlong into this recession and sink past Ontario and other provinces hurt by it. ‘Oh no ! What do we do now ?! We’re not the worst ?! Take to the forums and tell people the sky is falling !!

Winnipeg, she just can’t get a break.

To make it worse for Winnipeg’s Doom and Gloom Brigade, they have a more difficult time falling back on the old tired stand-by’s like: Winnipeg has the worst crime (‘how dare Vancouver push us out of the national headlines !’) and downtown sucks (‘don’t tell us about no success stories - we made our minds up about downtown in 1989 and we're sticking to it’).

For decades Winnipeg has been faulted for not having double digit growth, instead opting for a decidedly less exciting per-centage or two per year. This, then, is the old dame’s time to shine by taking her sweet time and not wanting to get too deep into the muck with the others.

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