Friday, 27 February 2009

Hydro zaps itself again

A good post by Yellow Snow who noticed that Hydro put a negative spin on what should have been a good news media release about Q3 profits. About the only downside you can find is the fact that they're off last year's Q3 and, oddly, that's what they chose to lead the release with ?!

Perhaps Hydro installed some lower-wattage bulbs in their comm shop recently ?

Just a month ago Hydro was taking a beating over their plan to gut three buildings in the centre of The Exchange for an expansion to their King Street substation. It ended with Bob Brennan, Hydro CEO, having to admit to the Free Press that "...he was unaware that those plans included buying three adjacent buildings and gutting them to accommodate the installation of electrical transmission equipment". In the end Brennan had to intercede and call off the plan stating in a media release that they really do respect community standards.

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