Saturday, 21 February 2009

Hats Off To Small Cafés and Coffee Shops !

I like "hole in the wall" cafés. I'm not using that as a derogatory term - I simply mean the small, non-chain, neat-o, home made café tucked away where you'd least expect it. To me, I'd rather see 20 of them open up in an area as a way to breathe life into the streets than one multi-million dollar commercial or office building.

We've had the Fyxx for all of those years in The Exchange. More recently has been the Tallest Poppy next to the new New Occidental on Main and the Black Sheep Diner on Ellice. Great food, homey setting. Nice places to go.

I found a new place today ... Willows Coffee House at 32 Sutherland, between the Disraeli and Annabella Street. I remember taking a pic of this building back in 2007. It looked in rough shape. Someone took part of the main floor and made a coffee and sandwich house out of it.

The interior is nice and friendly. A couple of couches a few small tables and a selection of reading material. There's nice, reasonably priced, Aboriginal paintings on the wall for sale.

I ordered tea and got a pot the held about 4 mug-fulls so they obviously want people to come hang out. The sandwich was cold cuts but on thick sliced rye - a bit more on the Subway side of the scale than the Fyxx. It was near closing so I didn't order a soup or a pastry, which I couldn't see on display.

If you're in the area check it out !

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Oemissions said...

I believe that the advance of the automobile supported the development of fast food chains, and big cheap eats.
I would only choose a Starbucks if I was desperate and have never been to a Tim Hortons.
Its nice to walk to a small cozy place.