Friday, 27 February 2009

Excuse ME ? Frog Hops to Radio

In Vic Grant's Excuse Me this morning he mentioned that while he is is off for a few weeks there will be guest excusers taking the time slot including Katz, Stu Murray and ... PolicyFrog ! Grant said that bloggers like PFrog have a lot to say on their sites when hiding behind a pseudonym so let's see if they have a message for a wider audience.

If someone has to be put forth on a platter to represent the varied selection of local bloggers out there I think PFrog is a great candidate. I have a lot of respect for his blog as his opinions and reports, though I might not always agree with them, are well thought out and cover a wide range of interests. Kudos to 'OB, who have received quite a few slappings from the local on-line community of late, for getting ready to baffle a large section of their audience by having a "blogger" on the air for a week !

I also look forward to hearing PFrog to see if he got his moniker because of a high, croakey voice !

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