Friday, 6 February 2009

Design Innovations for Canadian Settlements

Design Innovations for Canadian Settlements
National Film Board Bruce Mackay, 1976, 17 min 23 s

A 1976 documentary about innovative housing and community design as a way to conserve energy. Two planned mining towns, one in Quebec and another in Manitoba, are examined, as well as solar-heated homes in Ontario and Prince Edward Island. This film was produced by the NFB for the Canadian Habitat Secretariat, Urban Affairs.

Who was this crazy Mackay nutbar ? Sustainability in housing development ?! Solar energy ?! Pfft....he probably did another documentary about other nonsense like phones smaller than your wallet that you could carry around and cameras that take photos without film !

I wonder..... if the feds Urban Affairs Ministry stuck around longer than 1970 - 1979 would our cities look much different ?

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