Sunday, 8 February 2009

Classic Canadian TV

I stumbled across this on YouTube

I remember rushing home to catch this show with anticipation of what they'd serve up !

... and thought I would dig for stuff a little further back. Ahh, the memories !

How about the 'exploding pizza' version of the CBC gem c. 1974 - 1986

The knives look familiar but I seriously doubt they ever gave away a car !

Oh, it was all so hi-tech !

I'm old enough that Degrassi Junior High, Degrassi High and the latest tarted up version ALL predate me. I remember The Kids form Degrassi Street ! For whate4ver reason the one episode I remember very well is Noel buys a suit !


1eyedpecker said...

That's it!

I'm giving up mushrooms!

What's next?

A flashback of a hurting video of Tommy Hunter, Renee Simard, Frank Cannon, Mannix, Rusty the e'ffn Rooster, or... , worse yet, Gino Vannelli???

p.s. good post

Conceited Jerk said...

Heh, I remember having a crush on Samantha Taylor as a teenager...