Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Another Lab Start for Smith Carter

Shovels are now in the ground for yet another prestigious construction project in the world of biotech for Winnipeg's Smith Carter. This time it is an expansion of containment lab facilities at the CDC's facility in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Ever since their involvement in the design and construction of the level 3 and 4 facility here in The 'Peg, their work has taken them around the country and the world. Some examples: the BSL-3 Animal Disease Lab in Edmonton; the MaRS Biotechnology Commercialization Centre in Toronto; the BSL-3 Emerging Pathogens Lab at the University of Nairobi; and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Building 18, which earned them special mention in R&D's Lab of the Year Award for 2006.


Not only did they create a new standard for the modern high containment laboratory they, along with a number of people living in Winnipeg, help write the book on biosafety standards for labs around the world.

Of note:

Here is an article from a 2004 Canadian Architect talking about changes to the company and it's headquarters to gear up for future lab projects which, of course, is paying off now.

Also, from a February 2003 Science, (unfortunately mostly behind a subscription wall), an article about Winnipegger Jim Orzechowski who designed the Winnipeg lab entitled The Architect Behind the New Fortresses of Science.

Just today the Free Press had this lab related story City researcher's 'isolator' came in handy in Africa. Portable lab helps handle viruses


cherenkov said...

They've come a long way since designing the Kildonan Place food court.

mrchristian said...

heh, really ?! They've come a long way, baby !