Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Photo Dumplings

I love taking pictures but am an impatient photographer. I still haven't mastered the technical strokes because I just want to get out there and take pictures ! Similarly, my flickr page has become a bit of a mess as I am better with dumping pics in than I am sorting them into albums.

I promised myself that over the hols I would go through and organize my flickr page but didn't get around to it so I am trying to do a bit each night.

There are pics that I take with the intention of posting them with a quip and some have become lost in the shuffle so, here are a few that I have rediscovered.

1. Thank you Mr. Carnegie

I stopped by the St. John's library a couple of weeks back as I had never been in it before. It is very similar to Cornish, but not as well kept. Carnegie gave us three libraries I believe: William (the city's main library for many decades); Cornish and St. John's. This in a time when Winnipeg was becoming a bustling metropolis but people were so busy making money and building infrastructure that libraries were not on the priority list.

Thanks Mr. Carnegie. You made our city a better place for generations of people.

2. Save the CP Station

Portage has a cute little CP Station. Someone in town told me that CP wants to ditch it to avoid the liability and insurance costs. There is a group in town trying to raise funds to purchase it.

3. Hmmm...

Almost four decades after Unicity they still haven't got around to updating the fire hall sign to read the correct city ?!

4. On the move

May 22 is the day that the RBC on Portage and Hargrave moves into the Hydro Building - about a year later than expected. We do our company banking at this branch and they did a really nice job on it. The interior is a pale yellow. That, coupled with the huge windows and tall ceilings, gives it a sunny, bright, expansive feeling even on a cloudy day. Certainly 100 times nicer than the hole that RBC uses for it's main branch at Portage and Main. I feel like I am walking into a bomb shelter with the low ceilings and cramped space.

I hope someone looking for a building will notice the same thing too. it's a nice space.

5. Like a scab

Yeah, I know I have posted this one before but just have to pick at it again. This is just plain fugly and insulting to the streetscape.


Conceited Jerk said...

"Almost four decades after Unicity they still haven't got around to updating the fire hall sign to read the correct city ?!

Well, it was supposed to be a secret, but us citizens of West Kildonan were planning to secede from the City of Winnipeg. Sorry you had to find out this way.

cancelbot said...

Great pictures!

I agree with your assessment of the RBC Main Branch. I wonder if the Royal Bank Building had a banking hall on the main floor when it was first built? It's hard to imagine that a bank would have shunted the banking hall off to the basement when it was built in the 1960s, at a time when there was still a bit of grandeur in their design.

mrchristian said...

@ cj Wk is taking back it's patch, eh ? Sorry I stumbled on the secret plan !

@ cb Yes, RBC had a main floor banking hall when it was built (as did Scotia)

Conceited Jerk said...

Well, it's not a secret plan anymore.

The first step will be to reclaim our City Hall (Main and Belmont) from the wretched telemarketers who've taken it over.

But you'll read all about that next month ;)

The Rise and Sprawl said...

Fine, we want to you leave, West K.

I've always noticed that sign... I love it. There's at least one "Town of Tuxedo" man-hole cover on Park Boulevard.