Thursday, 8 January 2009

A new Pittsburgh

Over the years I have been reading about Pittsburgh and it's moves to leave it's industrialized past behind.

Today's NY Times has a story about how all that pain is now helping them to weather the current downturn.

For Pittsburgh, There’s Life After Steel
NY Times
January 8, 2009

This is what life in one American city looks like after an industrial collapse:

Unemployment is 5.5 percent, far below the national average. While housing prices sank nearly everywhere in the last year, they rose here. Wages are also up. Foreclosures are comparatively uncommon. (rest of article)

Also of interest: Pittsburgh investing heavily in a creative identity from Cooltown and Pittsburgh Forges Ahead from USA Today. Of course, it's not all roses as this columnist points out in Rust Belt realities. Still, considering that Pittsburgh was left for dead three decades ago, it's nice to see them coming out the other end better that some of their counterparts.

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