Thursday, 29 January 2009

Manitoba Award Winners !

Congrats to a couple of Manitobans honoured in the last round of appointments to the Order of Canada.

David Matas becomes a Member of the Order in the area of law, (click for a bio)

For his contributions to human rights legislation as well as to immigration and refugee law.

Dr. Ian Smith
who is head of the NRC's Institute for Biodiagnostics here in Winnipeg is an Officer of the Order in the field of science, (click for a bio, and here for another).

For his leadership in the advancement, development and commercialization of Canada’s diagnostic technologies, notably magnetic resonance imaging and its applications in the field of health care.

Last Friday, Smith scored a 'double crown' as the GG and PM presented with the Public Service Outstanding Achievement Award. Can an Oscar be far off ?!

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