Wednesday, 28 January 2009

A Fire Hall Fire Sale !

It's been getting the stink-eye since a city audit in 2005 declared it near the end of it's life as a fire hall. After being allotted nearly $3m in last year's capital budget, the job of the planners in 2009 is to get a replacement started.

City of Winnipeg Photo

It's Fire Hall No. 11, (originally St. James Police Department then St. James Fire Hall No.1), at 200 Berry built in 1912 by Alexander & William Melville, who gave us many of our old fire halls. I found one instance of tragedy related to No. 11: on August 12, 1929 2 firemen, Morrison and Dolding, died when their truck flipped on the way to a fire.

Scott Fielding told
The Herald that the city is looking at "...an acre of property bordered by Polo Park Shopping Centre to the east and Ferry Road to the west". So, somewhere in here....

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