Thursday, 29 January 2009

Credit Where It's Due: WFD

I meant to post this when it originally came out:

WINNIPEG Fire Department's medical emergency response times are the best in Canada and now other cities want to copy us.

In a November 2008 study entitled: Saving a Life in 6.0 Minutes or Less By Utilizing the Efficiencies of the Ontario Fire Service good ol' Winnipeg was found to beat some major cities by as much as 8 minutes.

Their summary of "The Winnipeg Model":

An excellent example of better utilizing community fire departments in emergency medical response has been demonstrated in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where the emergency response system has Fire and EMS working closely together. Greater use of the fire department in Winnipeg has cut emergency medical response time in half to 4.5 minutes and is expected to save 10,000 ambulance calls in one year. It will free up ambulance resources for where they’re really needed; and save the city $8.5 million.

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Fat Arse said...

Cynical by nature, it is always good to read something that challenges my POV. The MSM and we in the Puke-O-Sphere rarely focus on the positive. Thanks for reminding a confirmed cynic like me that, sometimes, things actually get better!