Saturday, 24 January 2009

Construction Dumplings

I was itching to get out and take photos despite the -100 wind chill. Here are a few shots of construction projects from around the core.

McFeetors Hall

It's coming along quite nicely. It will be a nice edition to the West End. It's also nice that some thought went into the design. Considering that "it's only Langside" and will be shadowed by the yet to be built Sciences Complex they could have got away with building a big, grey, cinder block box.

U of W Student Housing

U of W Studnet Housing

U of W Student Housing

The Greenheart Housing Co-op

It's not often that you can say that any new development in town takes place on an empty lot. Here is a rare exception of the former McNaught car compund on Sherbrook, just South of Portage.

New Housing Complex

New Housing Complex

WRHA Clinic Building

This WRHA building at Portage and Broadway - now THAT's what a parkade should look like !! On a good note, it does fill in a long time empty parking lot right on Portage and there's no fugly parkade facing the street.

WRHA Building

The Aspertron

The day after I took this the tarps came off to reveal the supports for the monitor

The Asper-tron

AA Heaps / Former Bank of Nova Scotia Building

All the scaffolding is gone after a dome job and stone repair to the exterior.

New Dome for Old Friend

The Hydro Tower - The wooden barricades are gone

Hydro Tower

The former Sheraton

Keeps plugging along but could really use a bit of signage or banners on the main floor to let people unfamiliar with the project that it isn't a bombed out building.

Former Sheraton Hotel

Former Sheraton Hotel

Future Canada Post Letter Depot - peut-être ?

I am a fan of greenspace and schools but the campaign to get the land for Gordon Bell High School is a little too late. If, perhaps, someone thought to bring this up at the school board level a year ago it might have had legs. Considering that the board hasn't discussed it yet, never mind the myriad of people it need to get to above that, the public campaign is not going to get the job done.

I am a bit surprised that over the decades that the two were neighbours that someone never thought to apprach Midway and say 'if you ever think of selling, let us know'.

Canada Post

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