Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Another Retailing Blow for the West End

Just weeks after losing the Safeway at Ellice and Wall, another large retailer, by West End standards, has closed it's doors.

The Bargain Shop at 595 Sargent (at Sherbrook) is now gone.

The Bargain Shop has been in expansion mode across the country of late. This included a number of new Manitoba locations in places like Portage la Prairie after the retailer purchased the remnants of the bankrupt SAAN chain in August 2008.

For the West End the Sherbrook / Maryland / Sargent block was a good shopping node. It has a Royal Bank (yes, a real, live bank !), a pizza joint, a Safeway Food and Drug that recently underwent the grocery chain's "Starbuckization"-style renovation (sans the Starbucks). Throw in a couple of other shops and restaurants and a low-price dry-goods department store and you pretty much had all you needed to get by.

Contacted by Dumplings, the retailer has yet to respond about the closure and if they are selling off the property or have other plans for it.

UPDATE: March 2009 the Bargain Shop contacted me from Toronto and said that there are no immediate plans for the location. I notice that a small retailer - computer games, I believe - has moved into part of the shop.

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