Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Portage Avenue Retail

Thanks for coming out, Tim.

Okay, it's not the jackelopian Winnipeg IKEA store but, still, something nice for Portage Avenue. Hoffman Optical has moved further east in the Power Building to make way for Tim's at the corner of Portage and Vaughan.

Pluses for the Tim's are a Portage Avenue frontage, the fact that it is only peripherally on the walkway (through back of the Power Building elevator lobby) and it's in between a couple of significant coffee-drinking people nodes - the Hydro tower and U of W which will be nice for retailers on that strip of Portage.

Of course, Portage Avenue has this terrible 'one step forward, two steps back' curse so, potentially, a retailer or two might close.

Eaton's, I miss you

I was in The Bay yesterday to pick up a couple of things and liked the feel. Christmas and department stores were meant for each other.

I preferred Eaton's at Christmas, though. This is partly because I grew up in an "Eaton's people" family so I have more memories of it. Also, instead of a stark white interior like The Bay, Eaton's had more browns and wood panelling giving the place a real homey feel when the Christmas decorations were up.

Add to that the smell of the baked goods - that's Christmas !

Marks and Sparks

I see the shadow of the old Marks and Spencer sign poking through the facade of what was once their Portage Avenue storefront.

Another great retailer of my Christmas past. My family are immigrants and M&S carried a lot of the sweets and food that reminded them of home. No Christmas went by without St. Micheal's sweets, chocolate digestives, beans and sausage ! Though the chain has seen a revival in recent years and is expanding back into overseas markets sadly, I doubt we'd ever see one here again.

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