Sunday, 28 December 2008

Okay, who tagged me ...

Okay, I got tagged by cherenkov. Since it's the holidays I guess I'll go along. It saves having to tax the brain into coming up with a brilliant new post - I can coast until 2009 on this one !

Okay, jobs I have had ....

Video Store Clerk - back when video stores were da shit. Blank tapes cost $19.99 and people rented VCR's (your choice, VHS or Beta) for $7 a day - more if it was a weekend. Purchasing a movie would set you back $79 to $129. Ah, those were the days.

Hospital Volunteer - At a temp job when I was 14 I got my hand caught in a machine at a print shop. I had to go for physio for a few weeks and signed up as a volunteer to put something back into the hospital. I stayed long after my physio was over - about 6 years more - mainly at Rehab. Everything from candy cart and gift shop to manning the library, taking patients on shopping trips and special events. Great times. Not paid but I logged over 750 hours so I am going to count it as work !

Hospital job - Doesn't really fit into a category but part with the volunteer department and then more maintenancy type work. I knew the HSC and its crawlspaces like the back of my hand. I recently went back to the HSC after years away and it was comical trying to take shortcuts. I ended up staring at brick walls where hallways used to be and what were quick exits would open into the lobby of a vast new building !

All together, the HSC was a huge part of my life. Some people hate big hospitals, I love them. The bustle, the 24 hour aspect, even that weird cleaning agent smell (interestingly called Beaucoup, by the way !).

As I always like to inject some local history into my posts, here's one about the place: did you know that the green garbage bag was first used at the HSC ? (Wpg General Hospital in those days). Local inventor Harry Wasylyk created it for the hospital, he and a Union Carbide scientist in Ontario perfected it. UC bought the rights and marketed it for commercial use as the "Glad Garbage Bag" ! It only hit #36 on Canada's Greaest Invention, tsk tsk !

Fart Catcher (as Frank Magazine, may it rest in peace, puts it). Close to a decade I worked for 2 city councillors, 2 Fed Ministers, 1 Fed MP, 2 mayors. Great stuff. I wasn't that interested in the thrust-and-parry of party politics, preferring to work the community side of things. I met more people and community groups, saw more parts of the province got behind the scenes on more projects than most would in 3 lifetimes. On top of that, in all those years no two days were the same ! Great work !

Oh, and I only made it into Frank twice !

Payroll / Office Stuff - I realized that I eventually had to get a grown up job. I finally settled into a job doing payroll / benefits and other 'office managey' stuff for a local non-profit in the science field. Man, it was hard adjustment to make sitting at a desk doing the same thing all day but they finally broke me ;-)

What's next ? Who knows !

I won't tag anyone. I don't mind answering but I don't like spreading it around.

Update: I see cherenkov included funny highlights. Here's one of my favourite...

While working for a Fed Minister I'd be invited to the Brandon Winter Fair each year. On my first visit me and a staffer for the Premier tagged along on a tour deep into the bowels of the Keystone Centre, right down to where they kept the horses. At the end of the tour the guide said "okay, here are the waggons" to the VIP's (who were to be waggonned onto the arena floor as part of the opening ceremonies).

We two staffers said "we'll just go back up now" but the guide said that it would take forever to find our way back up and, anyway, the VIP seating for the ceremonies couldn't be reached via the arena proper - you had to go via the floor. He told us to get up on a spare waggon.

Ceremonies start, the procession of waggons enter the arena floor and each VIP is introduced over the PA system to a crowd of 5,000 or so clapping people. The last waggon enters - no intro as the announcer has no clue who we are. Nonetheless, we circle the arena for a lap and people continue to clap but you could see some get a puzzled look on their faces and people leaning into each other, undoubtedly asking, "who the feck are those two guys ?".


cherenkov said...

Thanks for answering, and tossing in some trivia while you're at it. Green Garbage bags. Huh.

mrchristian said...

and, of course, we don't have a day where we get together as a city and celebrate the garbage bag. Even to fly one from the flagpole at city hall for the day ;-)