Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Mugabe's Toll

You know, there's a special place in hell waiting for Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe.

Start in 2000 with the ill conceived takeover of white-owned farms that decimated the country's ability to feed itself. Those changes are still being felt today through the starvation of millions.

What land that is in production faces a massive crop failure in 2008 but he's cracked down on the NGO's that have come to try to feed the starving.

Add to that the "disappeared", the record breaking hyper inflation rate of 13.2 billion % PER MONTH
( making any money earned worthless by the end of the day) and toss in the political violence and unrest from fixing a democratic election.

You'd think Zimbabweans have faced enough this century. Now, there's cholera. Here's two weeks in the life of Zimbabwe:

Zimbabwe 'asks for cholera help'- 3 December (500+ dead)

Zimbabwe cholera 'an emergency'- 4 December (600+ dead)

Mugabe: Cholera is over - 11 December (783 dead, 16,000+ infected)

Zimbabwe blames its cholera epidemic on Western biological warfare - 13 December

Surge in Zimbabwe cholera deaths - 15 December (978 dead, 18,000+ infected)

Zimbabwe cholera toll reaches 1,000 - 16 December 2008

There are conflicting reports of an official in Mugabe's government being shot. It's too early to confirm what happened or if it's the beginning of a power struggle to oust Mugabe by his own party.

Whatever the turmoil created if Mugabe was ousted cannot be worse for his people that what he's already put them through in the past few years.

UPDATE: Start of 2009: Death toll at 1,732. WHO estimates 30,000 infected.

UPDATE: Jan 28 2009: Death toll at 3,161 (climbing to over 1000 new cases a day). WHO estimates over 60,000 infected and, says Reuters:

"(the) ... outbreak that has now surpassed the WHO's previous "worst case scenario."
Heavy rains and the year-end holidays, when many urban Zimbabweans traveled to visit relatives in villages, have fueled the spread of the water-borne disease, the United Nations agency said."

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Anonymous said...

he's just doing what comes naturally.

The real place in hell is reserved for those in power who just watched.