Monday, 1 December 2008

I Hope the Nog is Alcohol Free !

Tonight in Ottawa is the Conservative Caucus Christmas Party. Heh, I wonder what the hot topic of conversation will be ? It certainly won't be the pros and cons of the latest Blackberry model !

As a recovering federal political hack, (does one really ever recover from that ?!), I am quite fascinated by all the NDP - Lib talk that is going on in Ottawa. The most interesting political intrigue I ever had to worry about was the odd rumored cabinet shuffle - most of which never happened.

There is no precedence to show us how such a coalition would work so it promises to be an interesting few months / years ahead.

I'm looking forward to this !

I see that H&W is working on a cabinet list.


Anonymous said...

This is certainly the most interesting politics has been in Canada in ages.

I think that you are right that the coalition will fear the electorate. Having committed to it, if it fails, they are dead meat. No doubt.

If it succeeds, then everyone will remember them for having come in and saved the country from partisan bickering and divisive politics at a time when the country needed strong leadership and consesus building. Harper's only hope is that they get in a fail immediately.

This will make for high drama for some time! Politics is more of a drug then the rum in the nog.


Re: quality of this post - one word - EXCELLENT!

mrchristian said...

Thanks, arseholes !