Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Ho Ho Hydro !

A little behind schedule, but the Hydro building opened this week for the first couple of hundred employees.

Of course, an event like this could not be marked without the boo-birds at the Winnipeg Sun dumping on it. (Let me get off topic for a sec).

Romaniuk talked to a single employee and focused his usual negative article on it:

"One employee, however, says the lion's share of the staff want no part of the new tower or its downtown surroundings -- mainly because of concerns about travel distance, parking costs and crime". Source

Yawn...I wonder if it the same single individual he used to dump on IKEA last week:

"As much as they say they're coming, I don't ever believe they actually will," Jo-Anna Watts, one Winnipeg consumer, wisely said of Ikea after the firm's announcement." Source

This is the same guy who feels of the Human Rights Museum that it's a waste because it's been done before so we couldn't possibly do it here:

"While Winnipeg's national museum will be a grand monument to peace, understanding and goodwill, it's not like this hasn't been done before". Source

And earlier this year dumped on the volunteer who put together the 1400 person skating chain at the Forks for a bit of fun in February

Chain a lame claim to fame. Source

How many reporters does the Sun have left ?!

The fact that Romaniuk is whining about it is pretty much akin to the fact that the sun rose this morning.

Back to Hydro.

I would imagine that some employees are not happy. Moving offices means changing routines and people don't like change. IF there are employees that "want no part of it", funny that FIVE YEARS after the original announcement they haven't got around to finding a new place to work. That shows either an immense lack of motivation or the fact that it's really not all that bad. Change like this is part of being a grown-up and I think a majority of people working for Hydro are grown ups.

I would bet that for most employees, after a year or two downtown, if Hydro decided to move the offices again to East Kildonan most people would complain: "we have to drive for our food at lunchtime", "I can't run errands on my coffee break anymore" etc. For a list of reasons WHY employees will like working donwtown check out the 101 Reasons why Manitoba Hydro Employees will LOVE Downtown compiled by newwinnipeg forum members.

As for the Hydro building's impact on downtown, is it the magic bullet ? No, of course not. We go through this everytime something happens downtown. The Hydro tower is an additional piece to the downtown puzzle along with things like an expanded library, the MTS Centre, new retailers, expanding educational facilities. They will bring an extra couple of thousand sets of eyes to the streets, and for some, represent extra feet in the stores and restaurants.

So, welcome to downtown Manitoba Hydro. It's nice to see you !

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Conceited Jerk said...

I fully agree that this can only be a good thing.

A friend and I were discussing the Hydro building last night at a cafe nearby, and we were divided over the issue of having "more eyes and ears on the street".

On one hand, the increased "eyes and ears" may finally drive away the drug-dealing scum from the front of Portage Place.

On the other hand, these same scumbags may end up making a killing selling drugs to stressed-out cubicle jockeys.

Guess time will tell...