Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Coup My Arse

Good on Curtis for calling some of the completely overblown rhetoric, talk of coup d'etat, banana republics and the assorted 1990's type "Rallies for Canadian Democracy"coming up this weekend.

I call bullshit, too.

Somehow equating a government losing a confidence vote in the House to be replaced by a governing coalition of opposition parties with real life coup d'etats just belittles very real and basic struggles that many face around the globe.

A look at the last couple of days in the news:

Thailand: Bangkok Tense As Coup Rumours Spread

Mauritania: Mauritanian security forces routinely torture detainees, using electric shocks, burns and sexual violence, since a military coup in August.

Guinea-Bissau: Foiled coup attempt leaves at least two dead. Soldiers shot at the residence of Guinea-Bissau's president.

DR Congo: Rebel leader General Laurent Nkunda has threatened war unless the government of DR Congo holds a new round of talks.

I'd love to sit some of these columnists and spin doctors down with people in some of these places and have them explain how exactly our situations even come close to comparing to each other.

What, someone might raise the gas tax on the vehicle you drive, the purchase price of which could be the equivalent of a couple of hundred people's annual salaries in some of these countries ? Yeah, poor unstable us. How can we possibly carry on.

It shows what columnists and spin doctors have set foot outside the country lately, aside from maybe a gated resort compound in Cuba or Mexico in January.

It's a bit embarrassing, really.



Can't wait for the biggest 'spin doc' of them all - hurtin' Harpo - to make his case to we minions tonight! Any bets we will hear a "mea-culpa"? Rather than holding our breathe we've decided to pucker our collective orifice's to protect against the deluge of dung that is undoubtedly on its way.

Anybody know were we can get a decent pair of hip-waders?

mrchristian said...

Harper's strong card has always been 'the logic thing' and I think if he comes trucking out overblown rhetoric and emotional arguments it's just not going to look very natural or be that effective.


Absolutely agree.
Harper doesn't do 'emotion' well - then gain it really isn't his fault. Like the 'Wizard of Oz' tin-man he was born without a heart!


Oops, "then gain" should read "then again".... sorry

cherenkov said...

Oops. I used "coup" in the title of my latest post. In my own defence, I don't know what the hell I'm talking about.