Friday, 7 November 2008

.... happy birthday, dear Winnipeg. Happy birthday to yoooouuu !

Tomorrow is Winnipeg's 135th birthday !

It was November 8, 1873 that the City of Winnipeg City, an area of three square miles and 1869 souls, was

It was actually the second attempt at incorporation, the first was so heated that Dr. Bird, the speaker of the Manitoba Legislature, was ambushed and tarred
(some accounts claim he was feathered as well) in protest.

For an interesting look back check out the Winnipeg Archives Pathways display "An Act of Imagination"

Sadly, the birthday is not noted in the city's own calendar for the day..... so:



Conceited Jerk said...

135? Wow - she doesn't look a day over 120!

mrchristian said...

just needs a little botox here and there !