Monday, 17 November 2008

Polar Bear Alert. STOP. Part Three: Debby 1966 - 2008

Sadly, Debby had to be put down today. Just weeks shy of her 42nd birthday. She lived twice the life expectancy of a polar bear so she had a good run but, still, sad to hear.

I blogged about Debby in the summer with some pics here.
Thanks Debby. Winnipeg will miss you !

Nov '08 Updates:

- It's interesting to see the reach that the death of Debby has had. Featured prominently from the UK to South Africa and Australia. Even Saturday Night Live gave her a mention on Weekend Update ! Certainly a fascination with polar bears world wide !

- Good commentary by both Kives (Zoo must make the most of Debby's death) and Frog (Building a better zoo).

2009 Updates:

Bear Debby still leaves a hole
- WFP Sep 25, 2009
Debby Continues to Inspire
- Zoo Society Blog Oct 12, 2009
Polar Bears' Return Buoyed by Prov Cash - WFP Dec 3, 2009


Anonymous said...

Why you thanking Deb, she was held captive all her life x 2

We humans are such trash.Here's hoping the next "deb" is electronic.

Anonymous said...

@ anon - please. Troll somewhere else.

mrchristian said...

In Debby's case, though, she was an orphan cub. Manitoba no longer allows live capture of polar bears for exhibit so, presumably, the next bear we get - if we ever get one - will be in the same boat.

I understand your feelings about zoo animals. I don't necessarily agree that had Debby been left for 'nature to take it's course" that she, or polar bears in general, would have been any better off.