Monday, 13 October 2008

Weekend Update: I Love Manitoba (7) - St. Clements / St. Andrews / River Road

This weekend I went to one of the most beautiful regions in Manitoba for an autumn drive: the St. Andrew's St. Clements and Selkirk area. For years it was uninspiringly named the "Triple S" tourism region, it now has the more 'tourism consultant approved' sounding "Red River North" moniker.

St. Clements - north of Selkirk
Above: View from atop the Bridge to Nowhere - luckily nobody was crossing it while I was stopped there ;-)
St. Peters Old Stone Church

I've spent fair bit of time in the area over the years. While in the midst of a -30 snap or being eaten alive by mosquitoes on a summer night I'd often wonder what those poor settlers felt. They gave up the life they knew in exchange for scratching out a place in a harsh new land. I'd like to think that even the most industrious or hard done by settler would have taken a moment after harvest and before the mad rush of winter preparations to look out and realize what a beautiful place they had come to.

St. Peter's Old Stone Church:
St. Peters Old Stone Church

St. Peters Old Stone Church

Along River Road:
Along River Road

Captain Kennedy House

Old Grainery

St. Andrew's Church:
St. Andrew's Church

St. Andrew's Church

St. Andrew's Church

River Road

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