Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The "Bicycle Test"

I saw this today on Reuters ... Heh, I wonder how parts of Winnipeg would rank:

"How safe is your city? An Argentine publicist has developed a bicycle test to gauge crime in different neighborhoods.

Using hidden cameras and cheap bicycles as bait, Mariano Pasik, 37, films how long it takes a thief to steal an unchained bike in different areas of Buenos Aires. His hypothesis is that the longer the bicycle is left the safer the area is.

Pasik speeds up the videos, sets them to music and puts them on a website http://www.lapruebadelabicicleta.com/. He hopes other videographers will join his nonprofit "Bicycle Test" project and create a worldwide insecurity index.... rest of story."

From his website it looks like a fun project he has going on !

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