Tuesday, 30 September 2008

BRT, Hold the Dijon

A couple of interesting items on BRT's:

Paris' BRT system, Le Mobilien, is on separated bus lanes. Coupled with other improvements, the prepayment of fares at bus stops and the like, it had created a comfortable and time saving system for commuters. The StreetFilms video on Le Mobilien.

To see another video report on how Paris' assorted alternative people-moving systems work together: The Greening of Paris.

NY City's bus rapid transit system is more about diamond lanes within existing traffic systems but has introduced things like the prepayment of fares and back door boarding to speed things up. It appears to have had a few growing pains but is, in the end, is knocking a decent amount of time off a basic commute.


PolicyFrog said...

It should also be noted that NYC's first BRT line is approximately the same length as a downtown to U of M run would be. And it only cost $10 million vs. $200(?) million for the planned Winnipeg route.

mrchristian said...

I didn't know that - thanks for the infill.

Wow, 20 x the cost. It sure as heck won't be moving 20 x the people !