Monday, 25 August 2008

Business Dumplings: airlines, wine awards and Dominicans are top Olympic champs !

I don't often wade into the business world but these caught my eye:

>>> You know, I sort of see their point, but there's been such a bad relationship between the airline industry and the steaming herd of wretched animals they have to deal with, in most industries they're called customers, this just looks bad: Jazz removes life vests to save fuel; Seat cushions are enough flotation

>>> Lovely piece in the LA Times about the fine food and wine industry. A wine critic set up a phony restaurant on the 'net, stocked the wine list with some questionable choices and yet managed to garner an award from Wine Spectator Magazine ! The critic "wanted to expose the lack of any foundation for many food and wine awards". You can see the story here at the LA Times .

>>> The Times across the pond has an interesting story about the numbers and the Olympics. Who did the best ? Check out Chris Dillow's "Forget China's 100 medals. The real winner of the Games was... If you take into account national income - the best guide to Olympic success - the Dominican Republic outperformed us all".

>>> Companies in the U.S. can sometimes feel the downside when it comes to name association: i.e. French's Mustard during the US tiffle with the French a couple of years back. Good for McCain's of New Brunswick for turning the tables !

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