Saturday, 19 July 2008

The Great Pom-Pom Scandal of 08

When this story 'broke' I barely paid attention to it. Some ex-cheerleaders of the Bombers had some party pics of them posted on a sports website. Dumb summer news story as the pics are pretty much Facebook party shot fare. No x-rated expose, nobody clubbing seals or eating babies, or clubbing babies for that matter.

For whatever reason the story never died away and today.... hola .... today you'd think we had some 'Spitzer avec hooker' level scandal on our hands ?! The Free Press has done a "Saturday Special Feature" relating to the incident and now "The coach of the Blue Lightning cheerleading squad has resigned after the discovery of provocative photos of Winnipeg cheerleaders online raised a flap earlier this week".

Bwr-brw-brw-brw....(that's supposed to be the sound you make when you shake your head back and forth really fast !) I had to do it to see if this is really making news ?!

I feel bad for even spending time posting about this but this thing just isn't dying.


1. No laws were broken. No cocaine deals, no prostitution, no embezzlement. As I said, this is stuff you see on Facebook pages. It did break an employers code of conduct, fine. Let the company deal with it.

2. These are, well, cheerleaders. The Bombers hire these women, dress them in hotpants and short-shorts with halter tops and send them out in front of the crowd to dance around for the mostly male fans. Chances are they are going to be outgoing women that may attend bars from time to time. Similar to the fact that people wouldn't necessarily be shocked if they heard that the Bombers O-line went out for lots of beer and chicken wings and then got rowdy back at a pool party. It's good that they have a code of conduct for all staff and expect them to stick with it and, again, let them reiterate it to them.

3. These are no longer members of the squad. Why help perpetuate this story and bring negative attention to women who entertained the fans, probably spending a lot of time and money out of their own pocket to do so, and then when they've moved on in life to careers decide to paint them as villains and some sort of traitors to the club.

4. Bomber management: you're O AND FOUR pull your heads out of the tucked position and concentrate on what's on the field or you won't have many fans in the stands to entertain as the season wears on. Granted, it would have been hard toeven concieve that the FreeP would turn this into some bizarre ongoing 'sex scandal' exposé ... but, still, you're in the communications biz and you let this one get ugly.

5. Free Press: if you're going to manufacture some scandal to sell papers don't take it out on these women. Right from the first headline about all of this:
Blue ex-cheerleaders pose on sexy site it seemed you were out to overblow this (the cheerleaders' pics weren't posed shots on a site - they were personal pics that were posted) and the description "in various states of undress and sexually provocative poses" makes it sound like a spread in Hustler instead of bar party pics. This is a small town - holding them up to ridicule because there's nothing better to write about is silly and sad. You pointed the posting of the pics out, fine. The Bombers said they have a staff code of conduct and went and reiterated it to them when the pics were reported to them what's the point of the ongoing 'scandal' ?!

Okay, Bombers, Free Press all together now:
Bwr-brw-brw-brw.... there, that feels better.

PS wonder if the Free Press is maybe playing this up to create some new contest about it - choose the new head of the Blue Bombers Cheerleaders !?

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