Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Wi Sam ?!

"Calling Mayor Sam, what happened to free wi-fi ?"

I see that Philly's plan is back on track to deliver on the promise of free wi-fi for the entire city (all 135 square miles of it !).

In the last civic election campaign Katz touted free wi-fi for downtown: "Our goal is to give employers in Winnipeg and elsewhere even more incentive to locate and hire within our downtown, and citizens even more reason to live, work and play there".

As with free bus fare for seniors and eliminating the business tax starting with downtown, Mayor Sam again over-promised and under-delivered on one of the few quantifiable election promises made in 2006. Instead of free wi-fi for the downtown it devolved into a pay per minute scheme at city libraries and, oddly, some swimming pools.

In the meantime, Toronto has fired up its downtown and, even closer to home, the Saskatchewan!Connected program launched free wi-fi in areas of both Saskatoon and Regina in 2007 with Moose Jaw and PA on the way to create what they refer to as the largest free wi-fi network in Canada.

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