Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Lack of Articulation

Well, it appears that the articulated bus idea hit the pan. (Transit fails 'bendy bus' on winter road test, emissions standards).

This thing was rolled out with fanfare not seen since, I guess, the introduction of buses to Winnipeg. Mayor Sam gushed
"I'm ecstatic that the wheels of the diesel-electric hybrid articulated test bus have hit the streets of Winnipeg....Once testing has been proven successful, Winnipeggers are going to see 20 of these environmentally friendly units" as reported by The Sun.

Well, Sam's ecstasy was short lived and it's back to the drawing board Winnipeg Transit.

I note that in 2004/5 they started testing similar New Flyer diesel-electric articulated buses in Seattle. They ended up replacing the engines but the overall project was given the boot for not meeting mileage expectations:
"In fact, at times, the New Flyer hybrid articulated buses have gotten worse mileage than the often-maligned 1989 dual-mode Breda buses they are replacing".

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