Saturday, 14 June 2008

Is Winnipeg Part of "The Sorted" ?

I caught this interview on the Planetizen.com website.

It's actually part two of a discussion with Richard Florida and Bill Bishop about 'urban sorting' - the theory that cities are starting to evolve into catering to one specific, narrow group whether it be by class, income level, voting patterns etc.

The danger of this, they claim, is that a city will then repel the subcultures of people that are needed not only to keep a city lively but to be able to capture new technologies and have ready workers for the next generation of jobs as old industries die away.

Not having read the book, just the blurb below the podcast, I thought that Winnipeg might be considered sorted into small c conservative so I gave it a listen. Heh. At about the 4 minute mark Florida speaks of older, smaller cities that get stuck in a particular mode that really ends up catering to an 'old boys network'. That type of city ends up only supporting or embracing the “big stadium” projects and visions for their city as supporting smaller, community based projects just allows too many people into the tent to participate.

Hmmm... big arena, big museum, big stadium....

I thought it was an interesting listen.

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Keith said...

That is Winnipeg for sure.

It is a small city where projects are approved by a small clique.

The needs of us plebs, the needs for better roads from home to work, or to locate more offices in the suburbs where we live, are ignored.