Friday, 2 January 2009

2008 - That's a Wrap !

Well, it has been an interesting few months for West End Dumplings ! I started Google Analytical-ing it in June 2008 and am happy to report that as of TODAY at 6-ish pm I reached the 10,000 visit mark ! (I didn't think I was going to make it before the year was out !)

It's interesting to look back over the posts. I started out a bit angry and grumpy but settled down into more of what I wanted it to be. A place for ideas, observances and examining the local history behind some of what we see happening today.

Here I listed my top 10 news dumplings (there are actually 9 - I wanted to leave 1 spot open in case something groundbreaking happened) of 2008, as I saw them. Now here are the top 10 dumplings based on official visits. A fairly eclectic mix:

1. The Disrespected Disraeli: Posted during the height of the debate as to how best replace the bridge, I look back at how the Disraeli never had an easy go of it taking 3 decades to make it from paper to opening ceremonies !

2. When Alternative Media IS Mainstream - About a certain talk show that tries so hard to be the self proclaimed master of "alt media" in town but is really a throwback to one of the most tired formats of am radio: grumpy middle aged white guy with a grudge.

3. One of my 10 part series
(so far) "I Love Manitoba" made it to the top 10. Part 5 was a look at Winnipeg's airport past, present and future.

4. Unum Cum Virtue Multorum ? Was my contribution to the debate over downtown representation on council: the more the better or a single czar ?

5. Radio Gaga and the Bygone Corner Store - Aside from being the only time I will likely use the word gaga on the blog, the title refers to a great find: a new radio drama on CKUW set in the West End called At the Monarch's Convenience. Definitely worth a listen. I then looked at some of the old style corner stores that still exist in many parts of Winnipeg and, in particular, Young Food Mart at Balmoral and Young.

6. Kelly House Part 1 (Still standing ... for now) - Is a look at a piece of the 1880's that somehow escaped the wrecking ball while a modern city grew up around it. Time has caught up with Kelly House, though, and Winnipeg's favourite alternative - the surface parking lot - is itching to take it's place.

7. AIDS 2008 - Was posted during the XVII International Aids Conference in Mexico providing an overview of where we are today with our version of "The Plague".

8. Winnipeg Urban Renewal Mega Projects #3 Portage Place - Was one in a series looking at Winnipeg's mega project culture when it comes to revitalizing a neighbourhood it deems 'lacking'. I took a look back at the area and what it has become. The series was in response to sending in the bulldozers to both Main Street and South Point Douglas as 'the only way to improve' the respective areas.

9. Winnipeg's Main Street Redevelopment - Was one in a series of stories about the new WRHA building on Main Street. I was one of the last people to photograph the Rex before it was torn down.

10. Winnipeg Urban Renewal Mega Projects #1 The Civic Centre - I look back at the area that was, and is, the Civic Centre.

So those are the top 10 post for 2008 !

Thanks for reading them, and for those who visit my history blog as well. Also, thanks to those who have added me to their blogrolls (my big two are PolicyFrog and Endless Spin)

All the best in 2009 !

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